by Brion Charles
Seven Vortex refers to the seven Chakras in our yoga or energectic body. These represent some of the many different ways we can find connection and healing in our lives.  A vortex draws energy in,  just as information  and insight spiral in and find us when we remain open and receptive.
Healing Arts are practices that directly promote health, sensitivity, and awareness.
Touch, movement, sound, vision, and other sensory experiences are all used in healing practices.
I'm going to talk here about three healing practices that I offer to share :


Myofascial Release is a type of bodywork that uses sustained touch and positioning to achieve long lasting changes in the structure of the body tissues.
I use this powerful work all the time in my practice, to help my clients heal and feel more integrated into their body.  Myofascial Release works very deeply and fully into our physical awareness, allowing access to hidden and often long held feelings, contained in the form of muscle or postural tension,  which are then released.
​After a Myofascial Release session, a person's body is more receptive to strengthening or stretching because there will be less internal resistance to the flow of healing and empowering energy.

Please go to the "About " section to read more about MFR.
Yoga, with its held postures, control of breathing, and emphasis on self awareness, is an active complement to Myofascial Release, contributing to ease, confidence, and health in the practitioner.
I practice and teach a form of hatha yoga, vinyasa based. Daily asana  combined with breathing practices, or pranayama, keeps me strong, fit, and receptive to meeting people.
I invite anyone, anywhere, to try some yoga if you haven't yet, and give this lifechanging  practice a try. See how you feel afterwards. Ask me if you have any questions. Thanks!

The seven chakras of our bodies are whirling centers of energy, little vortices, where connections within and between our bodies, minds, and spirits take place.
Each chakra is a metaphor for various levels of attainment, strength, and virtue as we grow through life.
Focusing mental awareness on a chakra gives it strength and allows us a chance to fine tune our energy bodies, supporting our physical body. Various meditation techniques to stimulate the chakras are used for healing, balancing, and refining our self awareness.
In tradtional yogic art, chakras are depicted as lotus flowers in various colors and with different numbers of petals.
Look in the gallery to see beautiful sculpted models of the chakras that I have created, designed as wall hangings. Besides decorating any room they're in, they can be used as a focus for meditation and heightened awareness. 
Simply relax and focus on the hanging chakra, and allow yourself to absorb the color directly. Retain a relaxed focus for a minute or two, and then walk away refreshed, energized, and balanced!
Each one is made with full intention and devotion, with the traditional color and number of petals.  As a yoga teacher, I consider them part of my karma yoga.

Please go over to the Gallery to see photos of the art and to read more detailed descriptions.

May we all live in peace.